The brand Maison Argaud was created by two brothers, Pierre-Yves and Thierry Argaud.

More than thirty years ago, they settled down in the southwest region of France, the Bearn, which is close to the Pyrenees Mountains.
They started to grow their own corn and raise their own ducks using the free range method to produce "foie gras" and a full range of high quality and traditional products with natural ingredients from the Bearn region.
The local farms in the Bearn region only offer limited supply as Maison Argaud allow no concession to the highest quality of the ducks.

The unique taste and flavor of Maison Argaud's products not only comes from the high quality of the ducks used, but also from the traditional recipes that are passed down three generations within the family.
All Maison Argaud products are made using ingredients that are 100% natural, with absolutely no added preservatives.

Food lovers can find the Maison Argaud French and healthy delicacies at food fairs or at the finest gourmet shops in Europe and, due to the increasing popularity of Maison Argaud among local people, now in Hong Kong.

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